Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of questions that precede a proper secure hosting company selection. We’ve included the essential answers to those questions here so that you understand what Barricade.Host has to offer.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is basically the ‘internet real estate’ that your website resides on. It is similar to a desktop computer, and has many of the same types of components. Safe and secure hosting, however, contains added components and layers of software that serve to protect both site owner, and site visitor.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall, such as the one in use on Barricade Host, is a layer of software security protocols that serve to filter incoming and outgoing network traffic. What this means is that we can establish safe and secure rules based on problematic patterns that emerge throughout our services due to malicious behavior, and keep you safe.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted and safe link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

You commonly see SSL on shopping sites for credit card data transmission, or Facebook and Google environments, as they handle a lot of private data. SSL is signified by the green lock symbol next to the URL address bar, as well as the presence of HTTPS: preceding the web address. Search engines are increasingly using SSL as a metric in determining website quality and security.

What is a Brute Force Attack?

This type of attack is when an attacker uses a program/application or script to repeatedly try to break into a site or network by guessing username and password combinations. The rapid speed of the script allows the attacker to try thousands of variations in hopes of gaining access. We monitor for this type of behavior and simply block the attacker’s IP, thus preventing continued attacks.

What is the difference better semi-private IP and private IP?

A semi private IP is an Internet Protocol address that will be shared between only a few websites. The websites on each semi private IP address will all be Barricade Host clients to assure there is no nefarious or dangerous activity occurring that could lead to reputation damaging reactions from search engines, or cross contamination.

It is common for shared hosting to have thousands of websites on a single IP, which can increase risk of being targeted if another website is vulnerable on that same IP. Semi private IP’s are quickly becoming a moderately priced way to provide an isolated and secure environment under a managed and monitored system.

A private IP address is one that is unique to a single website, and is not shared. The benefits of this are that you can not be targeted by association or cross server vulnerabilities, it is a corner stone of ultimate security.

What is ‘At risk port blocking’?

Every server/hosting environment has ports which are used to access different areas of your content/data, such as email, your website, command lines, and FTP. Over the years we have discovered that many of the worst attacks come through ports that are virtually never used, but left wide open.

Services like SSH and even FTP are becoming less and less useful to the every day hosting customer. As such, we have opted to block these ports entirely to further limit the risk to our network, and your service.

What do you mean by ‘Fully Supported’

Fully supported secure hosting means that if you are having difficulties setting up your server, we will assist you to make sure you are able to get up and running. At first glance, a Cpanel hosting account can seem overwhelming, but once you become familiar with the interface, it will seem like second nature.

Fully Supported Secure Hosting is the next step in providing a seamless and secure experience for launching and maintaining a website.

Explain “On call web developer”

With our Barricade Managed, and Barricade Infinite plans, you get access to an on call web developer, which means you can ask for help with your website. Usually hosts do not assist with website specific issues (related to coding/layout etc.), they tend to just service the equipment and components needed to make sure a website can run.

Having a web developer on call can ease the stress on you as you strive to run your business. This investment means you can outsource more of your common tasks and get back to business as usual. (Keep in mind if our on call web developer is handling a site that was not created by Barricade Host, there exists the possibility that your site is created in a less than common format. WordPress and Joomla websites are typically very swiftly serviced).

What is “Sucuri” service?

Sucuri is one of the leading website security and firewall service companies in North America. When partnered together with Barricade Host and Sucuri, you achieve almost complete invulnerability.

When you choose the Barricade Infinite plan and have a Sucuri firewall and monitoring service included in your website and hosting package, you have the top minds in the internet security world working for you.

Combining Sucuri and Barricade Host is the most effective and cost efficient method of maximizing security.

Does Barricade do Web Design?

Yes we do! We can create your website with security in mind from the ground up. Barricade.Host can be your one destination for all of your web needs: Web design, web hosting, web security, malware prevention and cleaning, as well as fully supported services that keep the headaches out of your head, and in ours.

What are the Name Servers I’ll need?

Point your domain towards the following Name Servers to properly setup your server: