You’re Not Alone

Others have had similar website security troubles. Hosting security and website security are real concerns and affect people and businesses daily. Here are a few examples of what happens when the web goes wrong, and how Barricade.Host is ready to help.

  • My website was on a shared hosting platform, which at the time seemed like the best move. However, the initial price savings did not make up for the cost and agony that I incurred when my site was under attack. I was a victim by proxy, as a fellow site that shared my service was highly vulnerable and that spilled over to me. I had to spend hundreds of dollars, and many hours of my time to deal with the damage caused by this attack. I run an ecommerce shop, and each day down is a direct impact on the bottom line. I remade my website and started fresh with Barricade Host and it has been a joy knowing that my worries are near extinct. There's nothing like peace of mind after going through such an ordeal, I only wish I had taken these measures in the first place.

    Ross D. Undisclosed
  • We are a charity organization, and dealing with extensive malware issues was no where on our agenda. Our users were reporting that our site was showing up as an attack page, which caught us and our web developer completely off guard. After many failed attempts to resolve the issues on our own, we finally had to call in professional website malware removal service with ongoing monitoring for a hefty price tag. We've since switched to Barricade Host and have consolidated both our web hosting and security service programs into one that is more efficient and affordable. Thanks Barricade Host.

    Julie B TPOC
  • My previous host was obviously not paying much attention to security, as they allowed a spam bot or script to send thousands of emails per hour out from my domain. This was a horrible situation as it tarnished the reputation of my site, and in fact brought on a little heat, as the spam was semi-related to my industry. This made it look like I was directly responsible, even though I had no idea what was going on. I was referred to Barricade.Host and transferred my site over immediately after hearing about how closely such things are monitored here. I cannot have a situation like my previous host allowed, so I am thankful for being spam free and hacker free with Barricade. Cheers guys!

    Joe G Hamilton